A bit about us and how we work

Major Infrastructure projects have lots of complex designs which need explaining this means they can become difficult to understand.

Using 'traditional' forms of information can slow down the process, so we look at ways to inform and educate to find answers to complex challenges using our 3D solutions.

About Idea 3 DW

1. The Challenge

When our clients decide to look for engaging ways to present their developments to stakeholders, whether it's an offshore wind farm development that has a vital line of sight issues, a power station that is close to urban dwellings. We gain a clear understanding of the associated issues and the information to be communicated.

Our 3D tools provide exciting and informative ways to present complex and detailed plans in easily accessible formats.

We assess the project and evaluate the best and most appropriate solutions.

2. Collaboration

The second part of our work is collaboration, we work closely with our clients to bring all stakeholders a varied and smart range of tools that quickly and efficiently explain all the issues around the development.

We apply the best people, skills and technology to the project and work in close collaboration with our clients and their partners help us to represent the bigger picture, pulling together multiple streams of information into a single unified 3D environment.

We pride ourselves on our collaboration skills, adapting to changing needs of projects to deliver flexibility in the final solution.

About Idea 3 DW2
About Idea 3 DW3

3. The Solution

We work tirelessly to create a professional and timely solution to problems where our visualisations can help. Our team work through the proposals with everyone involved ensuring it meets the all the required anchor points.

Working on a project with 3DW means not only do you get a carefully considered and well-designed final product, you also get access to our fantastic team and their wealth of knowledge and experience, guaranteeing we deliver the very best solution.

Once all the elements are complete we're ready for take-off, whether it's a design tool for internal planning, an innovative solution to support stakeholder consultation or an integrated web-based application.

The challenge, collaboration, the solution

3DW's staff did a fantastic job of both operating the model at public events and supporting the design development of the project through the production of stills and renders for use in formal planning documents

Simon Hall, SSEN Project
Simon Hall, SSEN Project