Royal Norfolk Show

Nor­folk Show VR Expe­ri­ence: STEM Edu­ca­tion & Vir­tu­al Reality

The Norfolk Show VR Experience is a project we collaborated on with our friends at Orsted, they approached 3DW about building a new 3D experience for the Royal Norfolk Show to be used in their exhibition space to entertain show attendees. Their brief was to design an engaging VR experience so that attendees of the event would be educated on the benefits of renewable power and how it works.

We worked with the team at Orsted to combine virtual reality technology and STEM subjects to create an engaging and interactive learning experience for viewers. The final solution agreed upon was an interactive “hide and seek” VR game using an Oculus Quest headset and Unity to take viewers on a tour of an offshore wind farm collecting tokens that are hidden around the development.

Jordan and Vedran travelled to Norfolk to host the game at the event and welcome people to play the game. The game aims to provide an immersive VR experience that promotes STEM education and learning, thatoffers a unique opportunity for viewers to learn about the science and technology behind offshore wind farms and encourage people to explore and learn about renewable energy sources and their importance in the transition to a sustainable energy future.

The project delivered several positive outcomes, including a unique opportunity for people to learn about STEM concepts, such as engineering and technology in an engaging and interactive way, it gave people an enhanced understanding and appreciation of renewable energy sources and their importance in the transition to a sustainable energy future.

We really enjoyed building this solution and collaborating with Orsted gave us lots of great ideas and supported to build a really well-rounded and engaging game.

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