Vedran Bučko

Vedran Bučko

Lead Software Developer


Vedran is our go-to person for all things to do with software development at 3DW. His in-depth knowledge of all the key coding languages makes him a vital member of the development team, thinking on his feet and delivering clever solutions to many of our software challenges.

Vedran also has a wide and varied knowledge of hardware which he has utilised and built upon within the company improving many aspects of our working systems, building bigger and better 3D solutions that were proud to be able to deliver to our clients.

Vedran has a strong 3D modelling background, which he has used to great effect on many of our major projects working alongside many major design teams. His excellent skills in video production and 2D rendering shine through and he has become key to the smooth running of the design team.

Did you know

Vedran is a keen walker and can often be seen hiking up many of the UK's peaks.