Sean Ivermee

Sean Ivermee

Project Manager


Sean has been with 3DW since its inception and continues to be a much-loved member of the 3DW team. Sean started his career in the aircraft simulation industry and has over 30 years of experience in simulation and visualisation.

Sean is one of our two superstar project managers who provide our clients with professional project management that has become synonymous with 3DW. He is involved in all aspects of projects from planning, developing the solutions all the way to delivery. He has an on-going mandate to maintain and improve skills within the company and is responsible for the training and management of our interns.

Sean has a wealth of experience in the field of 3D/VR design and has used his skills in the corporate and government sectors having worked for companies such as Boeing, Renault and Transport Research Laboratory. He was also a Research Fellow at the University of Queensland, Australia helping set up a VR centre.

Did you know

Sean owns an extensive art collection and legend has it that it's currently rivalling the Tate modern in size. *disclaimer, that’s not a fact but he does own a lot.