Kieran Ledger

Kieran Ledger

Marketing / Senior Developer


Kieran is an accomplished digital marketing executive and senior developer at 3DW, responsible for all aspects of marketing.

His expertise in social media and website development makes him an essential member of our team. Kieran carefully curates our social media and blog posts, providing regular updates on the latest news and ongoing projects from the 3DW team.

In his role, Kieran has taken on the responsibility of building our marketing strategy, utilising his extensive knowledge and experience in the area of 3D design.

One of Kieran's notable qualities is his exceptional attention to detail, which he applies to producing high-quality graphics and digital content. His passion for graphic design and the arts is evident in the visually appealing work he produces, which is highly valued by our clients.

Did you know

Kieran is a big fan of the Rocky Movies and if you ask him nicely can recall in great detail the training sequences from each of the films.