Alastair Peat

Alastair Peat

Software Developer


Alastair is a talented developer with a multifaceted background that he brings to the 3DW team.

His career has been very diverse combining arts and engineering to bring a very well-rounded skillset to an already established team. After completing his degree Alastair studied for a master's in Fine Art and a Master's in Games & Virtual Reality. He has a balanced and level-headed approach to his work delivering high-quality 3D visualisations, renderings and a vast knowledge of software, I including software packages such as Blender, 3DS, Unreal Engine and Unity.

Part of his career was spent as VR Technical Officer within Higher Education. Alastair used his experience to leverage VR technology in enhancing learning experiences, enriching both lessons and research.

In addition to his academic contributions, Alastair has practical engineering experience as a 3D CAD Engineer in the metal fabrication industry. His unique skill set positions him well to contribute to 3DW's portfolio of 3D solutions.

Did you know

Alastair is a keen 3D artist in his spare time and once made an animation for a Hollywood studio.