What have you bought in lockdown?

22 February 2021

A stereoscope might be something you’ve never heard of, well I can guarantee you’ve used it or seen it at least.

It’s a technology that allows flat images to be seen in 3D, think about the old style disc viewer that you clicked at the side to change the image.

I’m sure you remember them, I don’t think there was a home that didn’t have one back in the 80’s and 90’s believe it or not they are still in production today well that was a stereoscope and this technology was seen much before this point as you will find out later.

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I remember my amazement at how this little plastic device could bring my Disney characters to life so fully right in front of my eyes, what was this witchcraft? Bring it forward to 2021 and the principles of this are being used all the time in modern technology such as in the Google Cardboard, Oculus Rift, the Vive headset and a huge array of other wearable devices ranging from pennies to thousands of pounds.

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Stereoscope basically provides the basis for all the new VR devices we’ve become accustomed to and in basic terms its the process of combining two images of the same object or scene. The images are produced at slightly different angles which are then viewed using either a different lens for each eye or a system of angled mirrors that make the images appear larger and more distant, this ‘tricks’ the human brain into merging the images and interpreting them in three dimensions.

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Now, this BLOG isn’t going to be warts and all thesis into how this technology has been seen in different variations for many years. During the current situation of lockdowns and stay at home orders forced by the pandemic there have been reports of people buying things that might be a little weird and wacky in spurlges of boredom on internet shopping. Our MD Andy Dennison has been busy on this front buying something very interesting for his personal collection remembering our business specialises in 3D graphics, his purchase?

Well, you might ask, extra toilet roll? A 10 thousand-piece jigsaw? He actually bought an antique stereoscope headset from Germany.

You can read more about the antique version here Stereoscope on Wikipedia

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This device is a relative of the current modern oculus rift obviously a little less high tech but none the less as important, below is a picture of the two side by side which shows the advancement of the technology yet retaining the original form and using the same type of technology.

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Our company delivers a range of engaging 3D solutions to lots of different sectors and the use of an oculus rift headset is a key tool in many of the areas in which we work, we use the device to bring a new sense of realism and engagement into the solutions we provide. We think that captivating your audience whether it's in a classroom as part of our STEM programme also in a ‘live’ consultation environment making people open to what's being shown using a range of different disciplines is the key to the engagement.

I think it's amazing the device Andy has bought but i don't believe you'll be getting Netflix on it any time soon.

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