Time to take stock

25 November 2020

It’s been a while since I’ve had the time to sit down and write a blog the last one was in the height of summer and I find myself sitting down to take stock of where as a company we have been for the last 4 months.

We understand times are tough at the moment but luckily we’ve been busy here at 3DW which is really good and we thank all our clients for their support through this difficult year, we look forward to working on lots more exciting projects in the coming year.

Just under three months ago we welcomed Jordan to the 3DW team and he has settled in really well working hard to bring fresh ideas to lots of projects and we’re delighted with his input and hope his expertise will be seen across much more at 3DW in the coming years.

Obviously this year it has been very difficult and confusing to plan with an ever changing landscape caused by the pandemic but we feel approaching Christmas as a team we have managed to cope well with adversity.

As a team we used the time to strengthen work procedures in lockdown one to keep our team safe and business functioning the way it should. Over the summer we invested in our IT systems to be able to distance our team a little more again during lockdown two in which we find ourselves now.

This has really helped us with a heavy workload as we have been able to work through the project list and keep providing the best solutions we can to our clients. Onto our projects and we are absolutely delighted with how well received our virtual exhibitions have been by our clients and the public.

To this date we have completed virtual exhibitions for EDF, EDF Renewables, Marick, Coriolis, SSE, Innogy and Blue Gem with more to come online in the coming weeks for Vattenfall and others. Since March it has been impossible to hold traditional public consultations safely which are vital to gathering feedback about major infrastructure projects.

Using our virtual exhibition platform we’ve been able to bring the consultation to thousands of homes virtually letting stakeholders engage in a familiar and safe environment, hosting successful drop in session to chat to development teams, survey peoples thoughts and we have shown all kinds of information you’d find at one of these events without time restrictions.

We see this platform being vital going forward and see it running alongside our VR projects plus face to face events in the future for people who cannot attend but have an interest in the project.

Blog images nov20 1
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During this time our work has continued at pace in the wide range of other 3D solutions and video we produce as we begin to complete major projects for clients far and wide across Europe and America.

Working with clients across different time zones is always fun and we love the challenge of bringing all the relevant parties together collaborating to create a useful solution for all.

Orsted school STEM Funding 8

One downside to this period has been the lack of face to face STEM work for our team, for obvious reasons we haven’t been able to attend any schools and let students take part in the ‘be a developer’ windfarm design day. But we have been working out how to do the sessions remotely and hopefully we will be able to deliver one of these soon and get back face to face in some capacity in the near future.

We understand many companies, businesses and people are apart now and it is particularly difficult as we approach Christmas where traditionally people would get together much more.

But we would like to say please try and stay positive and we hope everyone can be safe and look forward to the future.

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