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10 August 2020

Welcome to August, yes it’s already August it feels so long ago since I sat down and wrote a blog and a lot has happened in the world and also here at 3DW.

The workplace has changed so much over the last five months with many companies still having their staff working from home and others tentatively bringing staff back into a very different environment a place of social distancing, hand sanitiser on every turn, new rules, one way systems and a totally different way of working.

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As a business we’ve been working hard since March to keep things moving, working with our clients helping them drive their projects forward using our home-based team but as of September we will be opening up our office again welcoming more of the team back and using a flexible blend of home and office-based work.

Ash our HR manager has been looking at all the rules and regulations that are needed to make 3DW COVID secure and thanks to her our staff can feel safe in the office environment. We’ve learnt so much about the resilience of our business over the last five months and how we can work remotely so if a situation arises where the team are fully working from home again the transition will be seamless.

With that in mind during this period we have been investing in our capabilities and infrastructure this includes upgrading our servers to provide our team with a faster more stable work environment and our online integration with office 365 being rolled so the team will be able to access their data anywhere with an internet connection going forward.

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We’ve also been looking at how we can engage and collaborate more with our clients, in this age of zoom and MS team meetings we’ve set up a more engaging conferencing zone in our office it’s well lit and quiet so you won't have to sit through a shaky meeting through a phone or having the sound of a lawnmower in the background which helps.

We think this new area will give us the opportunities to run workshops, be able to record podcasts in the future and also allow us to host and provide excellent events and thank you to Max for all the time invested in coming up with it.

BLOG Were hiring

Another positive for us is we are recruiting a new team member for 3DW we are looking to upskill our knowledge base and are looking for someone who will fit well into our team and provide us with some different skills, you can find the job specification on our social media channels @3dwtech we look forward to welcoming a new person into the family.

If you’ve seen over the last five months we’ve been continuing building our large scale 3D models for our clients but also adapted some of our other offerings such as the virtual exhibitions which you can see here.

Virtual Exhibitions

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Despite the reopening of some sectors of the economy there is still going to be much more social distancing for the foreseeable future and our solution allows project consultations to be delivered in a safe environment. Going forward we feel the virtual exhibition tools can be used alongside physical consultations allowing people who might not be able to access the consultation space for whatever reason a voice in the project timeline.

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We’ve also been happy to see Altrincham and Manchester coming to life again over the past month or so with people respectfully going about their business, getting out to restaurants and bars and other social settings and respecting each others health. We’re really happy with how we’ve adapted to the current situation but are aware that there are challenges ahead for business but we’re ready, open and able to adapt as proven by the investments in the business.

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