Introducing Virtual Exhibitions

11 June 2020

In March of this year the world was adjusting to a new way of life. Spending much more time at home meant many people were adjusting the way they work, COVID-19 was taking hold across the world.

It was and remains a confusing time with many companies moving online, logging in every day to chat on video conferencing software keeping up to date on projects whilst also checking how everyone is, it is no different here at 3DW.

Virtual exhibition blog 02

Before the pandemic we had already started building an online exhibition platform for using alongside face to face events. This platform is now more important than ever while we can't get out to actually see people in a large group setting.

The virtual exhibition space can be used to show projects in a safe and familiar ‘village hall’ type environment where people can join in, from anywhere.

This tool is available for all major infrastructure projects and is driven by you. Inside the virtual exhibition space you can have exhibition boards around the room that show vital project information, a 3D media holder that includes 360° panoramic images & videos produced from a 3D model, interactive maps, google cardboard support and project maps relating to the project.

Most importantly in the virtual exhibition space, you can gather feedback from all stakeholders, linking their comments and ideas to geographical locations within the project area, providing vital feedback.

The virtual exhibition space can be changed to suit the requirements of any project. We believe that going forward, this tool can supplement meeting people face to face and can be used alongside public consultations. The coronavirus might have sped up the process of building this platform, but it also can help people who struggle attend public consultations due to the distance, medical reasons etc.

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