Adapting to the new normal

24 April 2020

Let me start by saying this is unprecedented times for the whole planet, COVID-19 has swept across the globe at an alarming rate since being discovered in China towards the back end of 2019.

I honestly do not think anyone could have predicted how it would impact everyone, but working together and looking out for each other we believe we can become better humans with the backdrop of the tragic loss of thousands of people.

Here at 3DW were a resilient team and as it's now nearly 7 weeks since we last had the team together in the office. When your team is as close as ours at 3DW it was a shock to the system to say the least, part of the reason why 3DW is so strong is the people who make the business tick.

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Each member of the team has special qualities that combined make us the close-knit team that we are. These abilities help us bring the very best solutions to our clients and partners. As the crisis progressed into the lockdown we find ourselves in now we set about utilising modern platforms such as MS teams to have regular meetings, WhatsApp to support each other usually with memes. We also quickly set up the ability to access files at our HQ to be able to quickly adjust and set up our team safely at home.

Nearly seven weeks in we feel the team have adapted well and business continues in strange but familiar circumstances with desks being set up on kitchen tables, lounges and bedrooms with the kids running around in the background or the washer on its last spin cycle.

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One thing is for sure we won't let this virus get us down, 3DW is fully open for business, we’re talking to clients and setting up new projects, always talking about new solutions that we can get involved with.

At the end of this, we will be there stronger and ready to adapt to the new normal after lockdown.

In the meantime, we want to wish everyone all the absolute best.

STAY HOME, STAY SAFE, thank you to the NHS for all the hard work keeping everyone safe and thank you to everyone for the continued support of 3DW.


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