EDF Energy - VR STEM Game

Suf­folk, UK

In 2019 EDF exhibited at the Suffolk Show and we're looking to engage with secondary school-age children using a Virtual Reality experience which will inform them of the types of jobs and career opportunities associated with the Sizewell C Nuclear Power Station project.

EDF has a desire to highlight the large range of careers in the Nuclear sector, not just engineers and ‘white lab coat’ technicians.

Working in collaboration with EDF we adapted the existing interactive 3D model we produced of the Sizewell C project to represent how the Main Site and Accommodation Campus will look during the peak construction phase.

Using an Oculus Rift VR headset and console controller, users were immersed in the Virtual Environment and had two minutes be able to freely move around the space to find as many ‘characters’ which represent different job roles. These characters are scattered throughout the 3D model in semi-relevant locations and the total number found was recorded as their score.

Other people were able to view a large TV screen as the players move around the scene showing what they could see inside the VR headset. At the end of each session, an extensive list of all the potential jobs and careers associated with Sizewell C was be presented to the user.

This provided a fun, entertaining and informative experience for a large number of people attending the Suffolk Show and also further enhanced the educational tools we offer.

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