Camargue - Riverside Energy EFW Facility

Lon­don, UK

Camargue are a UK based communications agency who we previously worked with on other large scale infrastructure projects and public consultation events. Camargue approached 3DW to collaborate on an integrated energy solution in London for which they needed expert visualisations of the proposed Cory Riverside Energy Park project.

The integrated electricity generating station is planned to be built on land situated directly to the west of Riverside Resource Recovery Facility (RRRF) in London on the banks of the River Thames.

Working with the development team we built a 3D model that was primarily be used to illustrate the views of the proposed REP and its associated underground cable route options between the site and a connection near the former Littlebrook Power Station.

The Interactive 3D model we produced was used extensively at public consultations helping bring ideas forward on the proposals from the public, became a great tool for gathering people’s opinions on the proposals and increasing understanding of the scheme.

As part of the work, we generated a fully-featured video presentation that was used by everyone involved, to give an overview of the proposed REP and its cable route options.

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