Amaara Khan

Amaara Khan

Placement Student


Amaara is one of two student placements who have joined the 3DW team and will be with us for a year as part of their University course at Huddersfield. She is currently studying towards a degree in computer science, when she was younger Amaara held a strong interest in artificial intelligence so geared up to learn more about this subject at high school and then onto college and later university. Amaara will bring some fantastic insight into the 3DW team as she codes in Java, Python and SQL amongst other mainstream programming languages.

We’re really looking forward to having Amaara on board for this next year her coding skills will bring a fantastic outlook to the team, we’re looking forward to helping her over the next 12 months giving her skills and experience she can take forward into her last year of University and future career.

Did you know

Amaara is a big fan of the film Coraline and has maybe seen it 20 plus times.