Josie Salmon

Josie Salmon

Education Outreach Coordinator


Josie has a wide and varied set of duties at 3DW including creating and developing 3D solutions, working off-site to capture key elements of our projects through her photography skills, interaction with clients and the general public at events such as public consultations, exhibitions and industry networking.
She has also helped create, develop and manage our education tools within the company.

This has been formed collaborating with schools and clients across the UK to develop a series of interactive workshops that teach STEM and employability skills.
Josie has also written and won funding bids to support the growth of this sector within the company.

She is passionate about engaging with young people about the exciting future possibilities available to them and helping them build their personal confidence. She is also supporting and promoting women in Technology with a hope to bridge the gender gap in STEM.

Did you know

Josie is a skilled artistic performer and has performed at festivals and events around the world with her fire circus skills.