Panoramic Images

Project Description

The Beauly 132kV Reinforcement project is required to enable the connection of the Loch Luichart Extension II windfarm. Infinergy signed a connection offer for 36MW of generation in 2019, and SSEN Transmission are now looking to replace aging assets at Beauly 132kV substation to enable this connection to the grid.

The project will involve the following elements:

  • Decommissioning parts of the existing 132kV substation.

  • Construction of a new 132kV GIS substation building.

  • Decommissioning of three existing transformers within the existing 132kV substation.

  • Their replacement with three new transformers, all installed with noise enclosures.

This project will deliver more operational flexibility and improve network security at Beauly 132kV substation.

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The Map

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